Top-Level Objects


A "Top-Level Object" is any kind of object that you can start with when trying to find a property.
  • The TLO type is indicated by the italic text preceding the TLO name (in bold)
  • The TLO has access to all of the members of its type
  • The TLO name is static and cannot be changed
TLOs are called Top-Level Objects because nothing comes before them. A TLO is not a member of any object, it is itself an object. However, the TLO has access to all members and properties of its datatype, and any inherited members of its datatype.


​character Me is a Top Level Object of type character. Me has access to the members of the character type, but Me is not the character type. You will notice that the character datatype inherits the spawn datatype, which gives the Me TLO access to both the character and spawn members.
The immediate datatype named int and the Top Level Object named Int are not the same thing.
A Beginners Guide to TLOs and MQ2DataVars may be useful for understanding how TLOs work.

Built-in Top-Level Objects

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