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General Plugin Help

  • First off, do you have the latest version of your plugin. Many plugins, especially the popular ones, are updated
    regularly. Always check back to the main forum post where you found your plugin to see if a later version is
  • Have you got the latest MQ2 source files? Check the download page
    and make sure that you have have the latest MQ2 source. Some plugins depend on very recent changes to MQ2 to
    function/compile correctly.
  • Have you read all the documentation on the plugin: 1. The initial forum post usually has some documentation in it, and most likely a link to further documentation
    (quite often a wiki page).
    1. 1.
      If you still have no luck, read through every page on the forum post (it's sometimes quicker to read backwards,
      as the information is often more relevant to current problems).
  • Some plugins require other plugins to function, but usually you are warned about these when starting the plugin.
    Check to make sure you have any other pre-requisite plugins, and that these plugins are configured correctly.

Plugin Problems

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