Identify Code Errors
Finding errors in a perticular part of a macro can be a challenge but never impossible. After an unsuccessfull attempt to get the macro to run an eror message was generated. "Due to complete misuse of the String Top-Level Object, it has been removed."
Here we look at two pieces from the Cleric Bot macro.
/varset Classes ${String[${SpellBuff[${i},2]}].Count[,]}
/if (${Spawn[${sID}].Class.Name.Equal[${String[${SpellBuff[${i},2]}].Arg[${h},,]}]}) {
Since ${String[ is no longer valid attempt to remove and re-run the macro. With $String[ removed the error is gone, but now a new error is present.
No such 'bool' member 'Arg' [email protected] (singlebuffs): /if (${Spawn[${sID}].Class.Name.Equal[${String[${SpellBuff[${i},2]}].Arg[${h},,]}]}) { [email protected] (Main): /if (${Me.PctMana}>40 /if........./call SingleBuffs Unparsable in Calculation
Following the code the macro is testing predetermined conditions then calling the single buff routine. Once that routine is called the new error is generated.
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