Server: Channel: #macroquest
In order to connect to the IRC server, you'll need an IRC client. Some IRC clients are:
To join the channel, you first need to register your nickname with the Nickserv bot. You can do this by sending it a message in the following format:
/msg nickserv register<[email protected]>
After registering your nick, on subsequent connections to the server, you'll have to identify yourself before joining the channel.
/msg nickserv identify
After identifying to nickserv, you may join a channel.
/join #macroquest
Some basic IRC commands:
/me- Displays an emote. /nick- Change your display name. /msg- Send a private message to a user. (Alternately, you can use /query in the mIRC client) /part - Leave the current channel. /quit - Self explanitory. /whois- Gain detailed information about a specific user.
It is also wise to not ask overly stupid questions in #macroquest, or you run the risk of being flamed by eqjoe.
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