Clockwork Grease Maker
This is a macro to make jars of clockwork grease, a very tedious combine. It does not deal well with subcombine failures yet, but is otherwise completely functional.
Paste this code into a file called grease.mac in your \macros directory, usually found under your release directory unless you have changed something:
|///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// | Grease.mac by dedpoet | | Attempts to make a Jar of Clockwork Grease until out of components. | | You will need the following items in your inventory: Water Flask, Block of | Clay, Small Jar Sketch, Quality Firing Sheet, Clockwork Grease. You will | need your last inventory slot open. | | Stand between the pottery wheel and the kiln and run grease.mac. | | This macro uses the pack subs written by Override and quite a bit of his | code. Also thanks to JJ for the shoves in the right direction with the | window stuff |\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
#event CombineError "#*#There was no place to put that#*#" #event CombineError "#*#You cannot combine these items in this container type!#*#" #event CombineError "#*#did not accept these items#*#"
Sub Main
| Let's make an Unfired Small Container /call OpenPacks /delay 2s
/itemtarget Pottery Wheel /face item /nomodkey /click left item /delay 1s /nomodkey /notify TradeSkillWnd COMBW_ExperimentButton leftmouseup /delay 1s /if \(!${FindItem\[=Water Flask\].InvSlot}\) /goto :Done``` /nomodkey /ctrl /itemnotify ${FindItem[=Water Flask].InvSlot} leftmouseup`` `/nomodkey /itemnotify enviro1 leftmouseup` /if (!${FindItem[=Block of Clay].InvSlot}) /goto :Done` /nomodkey /ctrl /itemnotify ${FindItem[=Block of Clay].InvSlot} leftmouseup /nomodkey /itemnotify enviro2 leftmouseup
/if (!${FindItem[=Small Jar Sketch].InvSlot}) /goto :Done /nomodkey /ctrl /itemnotify ${FindItem[=Small Jar Sketch].InvSlot} leftmouseup /nomodkey /itemnotify enviro3 leftmouseup
/combine enviro /delay 15 /doevents /call ClearCursor /delay 5 /nomodkey /keypress esc /delay 1s
| Let's make it into a Small Clay Jar
/itemtarget Kiln /nomodkey /click left item /delay 1s /nomodkey /notify TradeSkillWnd COMBW_ExperimentButton leftmouseup /delay 1s
/if (!${FindItem[=Unfired Small Container].InvSlot}) /goto :Done /nomodkey /ctrl /itemnotify ${FindItem[=Unfired Small Container].InvSlot} leftmouseup /nomodkey /itemnotify enviro1 leftmouseup `` /if \(!${FindItem\[=Quality Firing Sheet\].InvSlot}\) /goto :Done /nomodkey /ctrl /itemnotify ${FindItem[=Quality Firing Sheet].InvSlot} leftmouseup` /nomodkey /itemnotify enviro2 leftmouseup`
/combine enviro /delay 15 /doevents /call ClearCursor /nomodkey /keypress esc /delay 1s
| Open our new jar and put 2 greases in it /itemnotify pack8 rightmouseup``` /delay 1s`` /if (!${FindItem[=Clockwork Grease].InvSlot}) /goto :Done` /nomodkey /ctrl /itemnotify ${FindItem[=Clockwork Grease].InvSlot} leftmouseup /nomodkey /itemnotify in pack8 1 leftmouseup /delay 5
/if (!${FindItem[=Clockwork Grease].InvSlot}) /goto :Done /nomodkey /ctrl /itemnotify ${FindItem[=Clockwork Grease].InvSlot} leftmouseup /nomodkey /itemnotify in pack8 2 leftmouseup `` /combine pack8 /delay 15` /doevents`/call ClearCursor /delay 20
| We should have a grease. Let's start over. /goto :GreaseLoop
| When we run out of components. :Done /echo We're out of components. Ending macro. /beep /cleanup /end /return
sub ClearCursor :Loop /if (!${Cursor.ID}) /return /autoinv /delay 5 /doevents /goto :Loop /return
Sub OpenPacks /declare bag int local 0
/newif (!${Window[InventoryWindow].Open}) /keypress inventory /delay 1 /for bag 1 to 8 step 1 /newif (!${Window[pack${bag}].Open}) /itemnotify pack${bag} rightmouseup /next bag /delay 1 /return
Sub Event_CombineError /echo Combine error encountered. Ending macro. /beep /end /return
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