Genbot was released by GrimJack sometime in early 2003 and eventually became one of the more popular bot macros. Genbot was originally designed as a core set of scripts to handle all of the non class specific functions needed in a bot while providing a means to easily "plug in" any extra code needed for a specific character.
Genbot History
  • Version 0 - 8.8 Genbot created and developed by GrimJack
  • Version 8.8 - ? GrimJack stopped playing everquest and
    Lasher took over the code.
  • Version ? - 12.34 Lord Giddeon maintained the code.
  • Version 12.35 - 13.3 Vexix took over the code.

Known Issues

When using MQ2IRC in combination with the Genbot macro be sure to NOT use the /gb sitaftercast command. I do not know how but issuing this command with either off/on makes it so genbot chat no longer goes to the IRC window. Without this command the plugin and macro work together perfectly. ((Frank25))
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Known Issues