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Description is an include file writen by A_Druid_00 available here.

Usage uses an ini(Loot.ini) which it will populate with items looted by the loot section of Autobot. Below is a start of some docummentation for the various possible INI file entries.

INI File Entries

LootMobs=TRUE Whether or not to do looting
CorpseRadius=100 Radius in which to check for corpses to loot
MobsTooClose=50 Radius in which to check for live NPCs so as to avoid looting while mobs are too close
CorpseRotTime=440s The amount of time you want to wait before trying to loot a corpse that was previously unlootable due to the corpse timer
ReportLoot=TRUE Whether or not to report items looted to $LootChannel?
LootChannel=i say Channel into which to report looting issues
[B] Start of section for items starting with "b"
Blue Diamond=Keep ''Name of item and action to take. Possible actions are Keep, Ignore and Destroy. Ninjadvloot automatically adds droppable items as Keep and No Drop items as Ignore by default. It will not automatically set any items to Destroy. It reads the ini each time a loot decision is made, so you do not need to restart your macro in order to update the ini settings for any given item when you make a change. Just save the ini and the next time it encounters that item, it will use the new Keep/Ignore/Destroy setting.