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/echo text


Echoes the specified text (or variables) to the MQ Console window.


Colorized usage

/echo \amThis is a \attest\ax \n\agAll done, let's show a backslash: \ar\\

[MQ2] '''This is a test

All done, let's show a red backslash: \'''

Default usage

/echo My current health percent is ${Me.PctHPs}

[MQ2] My current health percent is 100

Color Codes

\ab = black
\a-b = black (dark)

\ag = green
\a-g = green (dark)

\am = magenta
\a-m = magenta (dark)

\ao = orange
\a-o = orange (dark)

\ap = purple
\a-p = purple (dark)

\ar = red
\a-r = red (dark)

\at = cyan
\a-t = cyan (dark)

\au = blue
\a-u = blue (dark)

\aw = white
\a-w = white (dark)

\ay = yellow
\a-y = yellow (dark)

\ax = previous color (if no previous \a? this would be the default mq2 color)

Special Codes

\n = newline
\d = down? same as newline (LamahHerder knows not why)