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/dosocial [list | "social name"]


This command allows you to list all your current socials, by name and number, or activate them by name.
It is useful in that you could activate a social by name as long as it is in your social window without having to change hotbar pages, or call a social by name from a macro.


list parameter

  • /dosocial list output for a newly-created character
Socials: (page,number) name
(1, 1) Afk
(1, 2) Anon
(1, 3) Split
1: /autosplit
(1, 4) Bug
1: /bug

...and so on
  • /dosocial list for custom multi-line socials
same stuff as above example

(2, 7) MyMacro
1: /macro MyMacro
2: /echo I have activated MyMacro.mac via a social button

calling a social by name

/dosocial "MyMacro"

Typing the command in this way would execute Line 1 and 2 of the above example MyMacro social button.