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/alert [ add | remove ] # "spawnname" [clear|list #]


Used to manipulate alert lists which "watch" for spawns.


/alert add 1 "spawnname" Adds spawn name to alert list 1
/alert clear 1 Clears all members from alert list 1
/alert list 1 Lists all members of alert list 1
/alert add 1 npc radius 300 "spawnname" Sets alert(1) to TRUE if "spawnname" is within radius of 300 from your location
/alert add 2 npc range 30 200 "spawnname" Sets alert(2) to TRUE if any "spawnname" are within 30 to 200 range from your location
/alert remove 1 id spawnID Removes the entry in alert list 1 for spawnID