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/who options


Searches the current zone for the spawns matching the specified Spawn Search options, with the addition of:

  • all: Scan all zones. Note: this reverts to the native /who command.
  • concolor: Displays the results in consider colors
  • sort : Sort by this metric


  • /who npc named

Displays a List of The Named NPC in Zone

  • /who pc Cleric

Displays a List of Player Clerics (Even if Anon or /role)

  • /who npc pixtt

Diplays a List of NPC's with pixtt in their name

  • /who npc 64

Displays a List of NPC's who are level 64

  • /who pc 70

Displays a List of PC's Who are level 70

  • /who race human

Displays a List of PC's Who are Human

  • /whotarget (/whot)

Displays a /who for your target, works on npc/pc shows even if role/anon, Shows if sneaking as well.