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MQ2Targets is a HUD Display-type spawn tracker with syntax similar to the /where command. Created by DrunkDwarf.


  • Search strings are saved per zone
  • Replace "add" with "notify" and it will popup a message for each spawn matching your search string
  • Can add as many search strings per zone as needed
  • Each HUD spawn matching the search shows by default Name, Level, Class, Distance, an arrow showing relative

direction, and a compass heading

  • Use MQ2HUD-type syntax strings to determine HUD display elements to completely customize the HUD display for each


  • Default is 5 spawns show, can modify using "/watch count #"
  • HUD will highlight spawn if it's the current target
  • Guild members highlighted in HUD
  • HUD list sorted by distance ascending


  • /watch add|notify target
  • Add the specified target from the watch list. The syntax for target is the same as that for the

    /where command. Using notify will add a pop-up for each spawn.

* /watch remove|delete target|#

    • Remove the specified target or entry # in the list.

* /watch sound id # soundfile.mp3

    • Assign soundfile.mp3 to the id #

* /watch sound # target

    • Assign the sound from id # to the target

* /watch sound list

    • List sound associations

* /watch hud refresh|hudstring

    • Refresh or modify the string to be displayed in the HUD. The following additional indicators can be used in the


    • &clr - this is replaced with ">>" to show the current target, and turns on guild/corpse colors
    • &dst - this is replaced with the distance to target plus ± for Z-axis indication
    • &arr - this is replaced with an arrow indicating direction to mob

* /watch showtarget

    • Toggle showing of the current target in the HUD.

* /watch speak

    • Toggle use of speech \(see source page for additional instructions\)

* /watch show #

    • Change the number of entries to show in the HUD

* /watch x|y #

    • Change the leftmost \(x\) or topmost \(y\) pixel position of the HUD display

* /watch increment #

    • Change the spacing between spawns in the HUD to # pixels

* /watch togglechat

    • Toggles whether to output to a separate MQ2Targets window or use the MQ2Chat window

* /watch toggleway target|#

    • Toggle use of the waypoint indicator for current target or spawn in index #

* /watch waypoint

    • Toggles waypoint overlay. Optional y parameter sets the y pixel position on screen

* /watch loadmap

    • Imports all labels from the current map file

* /watch showmap

    • Show spawns loaded from current map file

* /watch help

    • Displays help and examples


/watch add paladin pc range 65 70
Show all Player character paladins between level 65 and 70 in current zone

/watch add guild
Show everyone in your guild in current zone

/watch add damlin lingering npc
Show when damlin in CoA pops \(but not his corpse\)'''

/watch remove damlin lingering npc
Remove damlin from HUD tracking

/watch list
Lists the current targets being watched for in current zone

/watch show 10
Change the HUD display to track the 10 nearest targets

/watch x 200
Display the leftmost edge of the HUD list at screen x position 200

/watch y 50
Display the topmost edge of the HUD list at screen y position 50 /watch increment 20
Change the spacing between spawns in the HUD to 20 pixels

/watch notify hanvar
Pop up message if Hanvar spawns/despawns

/watch remove 2
Removes search spawn criteria string #2 according to /watch list

/watch hud ({Target.CleanName} \({Target.Level}\)\(\)&arr})${Target.Distance

Targets are displayed as follows:

Cleric01 75CLR\(NNW\)30.23-->

Hint: It's probably easier to open MQ2Targets.ini and edit the HUDString key, similar to:

HUDString=&clr${Target.CleanName}(${Target.Race}) ${Target.Level}${Target.Class.ShortName} ${Target.Distance}&arr(${Target.HeadingTo})

Known Issues

  • The "color" /watch parameters do nothing at this time, still thinking about how I want to implement this


  • Add the /watch color functionality
  • Make HUD list clickable?
  • Add HUDString capability to the popup messages