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/notify windowname **_**0_|_controlname_** [ _**notification_** ]**


This is used to interact with UI windows instead of using the mouse (/notify cannot be used to interact with objects).

  • Entering "0" for controlname would send the message to the window itself (used for "close" at least, possibly


  • The use of data will usually not be necessary unless you are notifying a slider control or a list.
leftmouseup Left-click controlname
leftmouseheld Left-click and hold controlname until leftmouseheldup is performed
leftmouseheldup Releases the mouse from leftmouseheld
rightmouseup Right-click controlname
rightmouseheld Right-click and hold controlname until rightmouseheldup is performed
rightmouseheldup Releases the mouse from rightmouseheld
enter Press the enter key on controlname
close Clicks the Close Window gadget of windowname
mouseover Hovers the mouse over controlname
newvalue # Changes the value in controlname to #
listselect # Selects the #th item in the controlname list
leftmouse # Clicks the #th item in the controlname list
tabselect # Selects the #th tab in the controlname list



/notify hotbuttonwnd HB_Button1 leftmouseup                                        Activates the first hotkey 
/notify somewindow SomeSlider newvalue 100                                         Moves the referenced slider in the window to 100 
/notify trackingwnd 0 close                                                        Closes the tracking window 
/notify TradeskillWnd RecipeList listselect 1                                      Selects the first item in the RecipeList listbox
/notify BuffWindow Buff${Math.Calc[${Me.Buff[BuffName].ID}-1].Int} leftmouseup     Cancels the buff called "BuffName"
/notify InventoryWindow IW_Subwindows tabselect 4                                  Select 4th tab in the Inventory window  
/notify AuraWindow Remove_Aura leftmouseup                                         Removes aura through the aura window
/notify QuantityWnd QTYW_slider newvalue #                                         Adjust the value of the slider in Quantity Window.

Put the item name in the bazaar search dialog box

/echo ${SelectedItem.Name}
/notify BazaarSearchWnd ${SelectedItem.Name}

Select and click an item in a list

/notify TaskWnd TASK_TaskList listselect 1
/delay 4
/notify TaskWnd TASK_TaskList leftmouse 1
/delay 4

Select Parcel tab on Parcel Merchant and click Receive All button

/notify MerchantWnd MW_MerchantSubWindows tabselect 3
/delay 1s
/notify MerchantWnd MW_Retrieve_All_Button leftmouseup