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This DataType performs various mathematical calculations. In the following members, n is any formula that consists of valid Operators.


float Abs[n]

The absolute value of the result of n

float Acos[n]

Arccosine of n (in degrees)

float Asin[n]

Arcsine of n (in degrees)

float Atan[n]

Arctangent of n (in degrees)

float Calc[n]

Performs a mathematical calculation n

int Clamp[n, min, max]

Clamps the value n such that min _<= _n <= max

float Cos[n]

Cosine of n (in degrees)

int Dec[hex]

Decimal value of a hexidecimal string

float Distance[y,x,z:y,x,z]

  • Calculates the distance between two points on the map
  • 1, 2, or 3 dimensions may be provided
  • Defaults to your character's current location

string Hex[n]

Returns hexidecimal value of int n

int Not[n]

Bitwise complement of n

int Rand[n]

Random integer. Rand[5] range 0 to 4. Rand[100,200] range 100 to 199

float Sin[n]

Sine of n (in degrees)

float Sqrt[n]

Square root of n

float Tan[n]

Tangent of n (in degrees)

string To String