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/i help|nick name|join #channel|part |whois nickname|msg nickname **_**text_|say **_**text_|raw **_**command_**|quit|names|x**


This is the main IRC slash command and controls most things related to IRC communication. All the commands below must be entered after you have connected with /iconnect.

  • help: Show a list of commands that can be issued after /i.
  • nick: Change your nick to name.
  • join: Join the channel #channel. The channel must have a # in front of it.
  • part: Leave #channel. If no channel is given, it will leave the last-joined channel.
  • whois: Display information available on nickname.
  • msg: Send a directed message of "text" to nickname. This is the IRC equivalent of a tell.
  • say: Speak "text" in the current channel. This text will be visible to everyone in the channel.
  • raw: Send command to the server. This is useful for other IRC commands that are not available with /i (eg. "/i

raw list" to list all channels on the server).

  • quit: Leave the server \(same as the IRC command /quit\).
  • names: List all nicknames on the current channel.
  • x: Not sure.