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A timer data type is set in tenths of one second and counts down to zero; starting immediately after being set.


int OriginalValue

Original value of the timer

int Value

Current value of the timer

string To String

Same as Value


Consider the following timer:

/declare BuffTimer timer local
/varset BuffTimer 360

BuffTimer will be equal to 0 in:

  • 360 tenths of 1 second
  • 36 seconds
  • 6 ticks (a tick is 6 seconds)

Timers may also be set with an "s" (seconds) or an "m" (minutes) appended to the value. For example:

/varset BuffTimer 360s

This would set the timer to 3600 (360 * 10) tenths of 1 second

/varset BuffTimer 360m

This would set the timer to 216000 (360 * 60 * 10) tenths of 1 second

sub main
    /declare myTimer timer local 100
    /while ( ${myTimer} ) {
        /echo ${myTimer}
        /delay 10

This would loop while myTimer is above 0