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Data types related to the current EverQuest session.


int CharSelectList

Currently returns the zone ID the character is currently in

bool ChatChannel[channelname]

Returns TRUE if channelname is joined

string ChatChannel[#]

Returns the name of chat channel #

int ChatChannels

Returns the number of channels currently joined

string CurrentUI

return a string representing the currently loaded UI skin

bool Foreground

Returns TRUE if EverQuest is in Foreground

string GameState

Shows the current game state. Values: CHARSELECT, INGAME, PRECHARSELECT, UNKNOWN

int64 HWND

Window handle.

bool IsDefaultUILoaded

returns a bool true or false if the "Default" UI skin is the one loaded

string LastCommand

Last command entered

window LastMouseOver

Returns the last window you moused over

string LastTell

Name of last person to send you a tell

bool LayoutCopyInProgress

Returns TRUE if a layoutcopy is in progress and FALSE if not.

bool LClickedObject

Returns TRUE if an object has been left clicked

string LoginName

Your station name

int MouseX

Mouse's X location

int MouseY

Mouse's Y location

string Path

Path to the Everquest folder

int PID

Your current (Process ID)

int Ping

Your current ping

int Running

Running time of current MQ2 session, in milliseconds

int ScreenMode

Returns the screenmode as an integer, 2 is Normal and 3 is No Windows

string Server

Full name of your server

int PPriority

Returns the processor priority that Everquest is set to. Values: UNKNOWN, LOW, BELOW NORMAL, NORMAL, ABOVE NORMAL, HIGH, REALTIME

bool ValidLoc[coorrdinates]

Returns true if the given coordinates are valid.

int ViewportX

EverQuest viewport upper left (X) position

int ViewportXCenter

EverQuest viewport center (X) position

int ViewportXMax

EverQuest viewport lower right (X) position

int ViewportY

EverQuest viewport upper left (Y) position

int ViewportYCenter

EverQuest viewport center (Y) position

int ViewportYMax

EverQuest viewport lower right (Y) position

string WinTitle

Titlebar text of the Everquest window.



You can place the mouse over a window and then run the following command to see the name of the window that the mouse is hovering over:

/echo ${EverQuest.LastMouseOver.Name}


Using EverQuest.ValidLoc:

| Will print TRUE or FALSE if the location is valid
/echo ${EverQuest.ValidLoc[123 456 789]}
-- Will print true or false if the location is valid
print(mq.TLO.EverQuest.ValidLoc("123 456 789")())