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/captioncolor [list |"name'' ]


Allows you to change the color of the captions that appear above the heads of PCs and NPCs, based on various factors.

Note: raid class colors can only be set through the raid options window.


Below are the default settings for each of the possible Caption Colors:

Color Type Default Setting Description
PC OFF Default color for PCs
PCCon OFF Color PCs by con color
PCPVPTeam OFF Color PCs by PVP Team color
PCRaid OFF Default color for all raid members
PCClass OFF Color PCs by class (raid settings)
PCGroup OFF Default color for group members
PCTrader ON Default color for PC traders: 255 127 0
NPC OFF Default color for all NPCs
NPCCon ON Color NPCs by con color
NPCClass OFF Color NPCs by class (raid settings)
NPCMerchant ON Default color for NPC merchants: 255 127 0
NPCBanker ON Default color for NPC banker: 200 0 255
NPCAssist ON Default color for the main assist NPC: 255 255 0
NPCMark ON Default color for marked NPCs: 255 255 0
PetNPC OFF Default color for all pets with NPC owners
PetPC OFF Default color for all pets with PC owners
PetClass OFF Color pets by class
Corpse OFF Default color for corpses
CorpseClass OFF Color corpses by class


/captioncolor list
/captioncolor pcclass on
/captioncolor pctrader on
/captioncolor pctrader 255 128 0