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Work done by Thez, Based off of dewey's MQ2AutoRez This plugin is set up to auto accept rezes based on INI configuration, along with auto looting your corpse.


You can find the latest version of MQ2Rez here.


/rez -> displays settings
/rez accept on|off -> Toggle auto-accepting rezbox
/rez spawn on|off -> Toggles going to bind point after death
/rez pct # -> Autoaccepts rezes only if they are higher than # percent
/rez loot on|off -> Toggle looting corpse when opened and when rezzed
/rez silent -> Toggle messages for looting individual items
/rez command on|off -> Toggle use of a command after looting out corpse
/rez setcommand "mycommand" -> Set the command that you want.
/rez help
/rezzme -- Immediately respawn yourself without a rez. You will *not* regain any experience.

The "mycommand" must be formatted like this: "/memset group" or "/multiline ; /sit ; /memset group ; /mac rezbuffs" etc.