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This is the type for any buffs currently affecting you, both long duration and short duration buffs.


This type inherits members from spell.

string Caster

Name of the caster who cast the buff, if available.

int64 CountersCorruption

The number of corruption counters.

int64 CountersCurse

The number of curse counters.

int64 CountersDisease

The number of disease counters.

int64 CountersPoison

The number of poison counters.

int64 Dar

The remaining damage absorption of the buff (if any). This is not entirely accurate, it will only show you to the Dar of your spell when it was initially cast, or what it was when you last zoned (whichever is more recent).

timestamp Duration

The time remaining before the buff fades (not total duration)

int HitCount

int ID

The ID of the buff or shortbuff slot

int Level

The level of the person that cast the buff on you (not the level of the spell)

float Mod

The modifier to a bard song

spell Spell

The spell

int64 TotalCounters

The total number of counters on the buff.

string To String

Same as Name


Name Action
Remove Removes the named/partial name buff



Remove the buff named "Credence"

/invoke ${Me.Buff[Credence].Remove}

Remove the buff named "Crerdence"