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#bind Creates an ingame slash command that can be used to call the related sub routine while the macro is running Instead of sending yourself a keyword to trigger a #event you can just type /saymana and it will execute the function called "Sub Bind_SayMana"


  • #bind_noparse UpdateSomething /updatesomething
  • #bind SayMana /saymana
  • bind gives a user a command they can use
  • bind_noparse gives a user a command they can use that doesn't get parsed.

Triggers On

Binds only get triggered / parsed on certain things, such as /invoke /varset /echo /call Sub. To trick binds to be called often you can substitute your /doevents as a function like

#bind TargetClosestNPC /near

Sub Main
   /call Do_Events

Sub Do_Events

Sub Bind_TargetClosestNPC
    /echo Targeting the closest NPC becuase you typed /near
    /target ${NearestSpawn[npc]}


#bind MyMana /MyMana

Sub Main
 /declare CurMan int outer 0

   /varset CurMan ${Me.CurrentMana}
   /delay 5
 /goto :loop

Sub Bind_MyMana
  /call MyMana

Sub MyMana
  /echo My Mana is ${CurMan}