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The most controversial rule we enforce on our forums has to do with Cheat Classifications. Many users feel that because using MacroQuest 2 in the first place is cheating, that all forms of cheating should be discussed and allowed on our forums. We disagree, and have drawn a line indicating what is allowed, and what is not allowed. The line is drawn at "passive hacks".

There are serveral reasons for this.

  • Self preservation -- The more blatant hacks that are exposed to the general EQ public, the greater the outcry for

SoE to attack us. If SoE changes their antihacking efforts, it might take months for us to recover.

  • Game preservation -- Some of us still play the game and it seems that active hacks always fall into the hands of


  • Hack preservation -- Once the hack is out, everyone will abuse it and it will get nerfed.