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Those of you already familiar with the Digitalxero's SpawnAlert plugin will notice a lot of that functionality here \(though hopefully without the crashing and other oddities\) though the intended use of this plugin starts where that one leaves off.

/spawnmaster by itself will give you a short help, the commands so far are fairly simple, but will probably become complex as development moves forward. Search strings are stored per-zone in an INI file. Two search types are currently supported, case-sensitive exact match \(the type created by calling '/spawnmaster add' with a spawn targetted\) and a case-insensitive sub-string match (created with "/spawnmaster add "search string", although prefacing the string with a

will indicate an exact-match type). Both currently only check against the name EQ displays, although future versions

will support for exact matches against Some_Mob_00 and so on.

The plugin currently stores the mob's x/y/z location, the system and in-game time of spawn, and SpawnID#, though not all of this information is made available in-game. When a mob dies or depops a system and in-game timestamp are also added.

Anything set in the OnSpawnCommand key in the Settings section of the INI fille will be executed as a command when the spawn is first matched so that for example "/speak ${SpawnMaster.LastMatch} just spawned!" will give you a nice spawn alert if using the MQ2Speech plugin.

You can find the latest version of MQ2 here.


/spawnmaster commands

on|off - Toggles SpawnMaster plugin on or off
add \"spawn name\" - Add spawn name to watch list (or target if no name given
delete \"spawn name\" - Delete spawn name from watch list (or target if no name given
list - Display watch list for zone
case [off|on] - Control whether to use exact case matching in any compare. Omit on or off to toggle.
uplist - Display any mobs on watch list that are currently up
downlist - Display any watched mobs that have died or despawned
load - Load spawns from INI