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This contains information related to the active merchant.


This type inherits members from spawn if a merchant is active.

bool Full

Returns True if the merchant's inventory is full.

int Items

Number of items on the merchant.

item Item[#]

Item number # on the merchant's list.

item Item[name]

Find an item by partial name on the merchant's list. Prefix with "=" for an exact match.

float Markup

The number used to calculate the buy and sell value for an item. (This is what is changed by charisma and faction). This value is capped at 1.05.

  • Markup * Item Value = Amount you buy item for
  • Item Value * (1/Markup) = Amount you sell item for

bool Open

Returns True if the merchant window is open.

item SelectedItem

The currently selected item in the merchant window. Items can be selected by using /selectitem

bool ItemsReceived

True if the merchant's item list has been populated.

string (To String)

Same as Open


Name Action
Buy[#] Buys # of whatever is selected with Merchant.SelectItem[xxx]
OpenWindow Will open the merchant closest to you, or if you have a merchant target
CloseWindow Will close the merchant window
SelectItem[name] Select item by partial name match, case insensitive. Prefix name with = for EXACT match
Sell[count] Sell count of selected item. See examples


Using ${Merchant.Sell[#]}:

/selectitem "Diamond"

Will select a "Diamond" you can also do "=Diamond" to match EXACT name. Then you can the following command to sell 100 of it:

/invoke ${Merchant.Sell[100]}