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This section is out of date and hasn't been updated for a really long time.

People Associated with the MacroQuest Project

People are not listed within a section in any particular order.

Recent developers

  • brainiac
  • knightly
  • dannuic

Past developers

  • Plazmic
  • dont_know_at_all
  • Lax
  • Amadeus
  • EqMule
  • Ohmz_cc
  • ieatacid
  • rswiders

Other administration and/or minor developers

  • Rizwank
  • L124RD
  • Mckorr
  • Tuxracer
  • Wassup

Major Wiki contributors

  • Terramantian

Terramantian was given an honorary VIP for his numerous contributions to the Wiki

Major plugin developers

Major "macro" developers

  • GrimJack (GenBot)
  • ml2517 (advbot)

Other notable users