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Cheat Classifications

When the VIP forums opened, Lax posted a little system of classifying cheats or "hacks".

  • Passive hacks are those that show different information without really changing the rules. For example, "fish eyes" or "ultravision" would simply show how you can see things. It doesn't require you to modify properties of a character or item to do so, this can be done just by telling the display to show you things differently.
  • Active hacks are those that could warp you around or otherwise really change the rules of how the game plays. "mounts without models" is an "active" hack. It's modifying the rules of the game by allowing you to use a horse without having models on but is not going to give the server the impression that you are cheating because the server doesn't know if you have models on or not.
  • Server-Active hacks broadcasting information to the server that could possibly give you away if they wanted to put in a check for it. "Warping" is an example of a Server-Active hack.

Note that our Rules allow for most Passive hacks, but NOT Active or Server-Active hacks.