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/filter [ macros all|enhanced|none ] ] [ mq on|off ] '''


  • Filtering of names is now improved!

Will filter out some common messages that can be annoying to see

Command Description
/filter /filter on its own will open the chat filter section of the EQ options window
/filter macros all enhanced none all will filter all macro messages, except for macro end enhanced is currently not in use, and does nothing none turns the filtering off
/filter Skills all/increase/none all will filter all skill related messages increase filters out skill increases only None turns the filtering off
/filter target / money / food / encumber / debug on/off target filter out target lost messages money filter loot messages about money food filters hungry messages encumber filters out encumberance messages debug on/off Turns on debug filters or not
/filter zrange # Related to the zrange used when using /itemtarget, this could use futher exploring and testing.
/filter mq on/off Filters out any plugin or macro messages, so if you want a quiet mq2 chat window this is for you
/filter name Sets up custom filters, see examples below.

Filters added through this, among others the custom name filters, will not appear in the EQ log when you use the EQ command /log on|off

Also be aware the more lose you make your filter the more messages will be filtered for example if you filter on A rat, when conning A rat, the con message will also be filtered.


/filter name add Joe         This will add a filter that ignores all lines that start with "Joe"
/filter name add *Joe        This will add a filter that ignores all lines that have "Joe" anywhere in them