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/bind [list | eqlist] | name [keycombo | clear]


Bind a key combination to a specific key.

/bind list Lists all MQ2 binds
/bind eqlist Lists all EverQuest binds
/bind name keycombo Binds name to the normal key combination keycombo
/bind ~name keycombo Binds name to the alternate key combination keycombo
/bind name clear Clears the key combination from name
/bind ~name clear Clears the alternate key combination from name

Note: keycombo can be any combination of "alt", "shift" and "ctrl" plus a key.


/bind forward e Binds the forward command to key e
/bind ~forward up Binds the forward command to alternate key uparrow
/bind forward clear Clears the key used for the forward command

Note: Changing EQ binds will not immediately update the display in the options window. Change the bind list selection in the options window to see the updated keys.