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This data type contains all the information about your character.


This type inherits members from spawn.

  spawn <|-- character
  direction RL
  class spawn {
  class character {


The source always has the latest data members. If something is missing here, you can check the source to see if it exists.

int AAExp

AA exp as a raw number out of 10,000 (10,000=100%)

int AAPoints

Unused AA points

int AAPointsAssigned

Number of AA Points currently assigned

int AAPointsSpent

The number of points you have spent on AA abilities

int AAPointsTotal

The total number of AA points you have

int64 AAVitality

The total number of AA Vitality you have

int64 AAVitalityCap

string Ability[name]

Skill name assigned to this doability button

bool Ability[#|name]

Whether you have this ability or not

bool AbilityReady[#|name]

Whether this ability is ready (false if you do not have the ability)

timestamp AbilityTimer[#|name]

How long before an ability can be used again. Zero if it can currently be used or you do not have the ability. nil if the skill is not an ability or the ability does not exist.

timestamp AbilityTimerTotal[#|name]

The total amount of time an ability takes to refresh. Zero if it is not currently active.

int AccuracyBonus

Accuracy bonus from gear and spells

spell ActiveDisc

Returns a spell if melee discipline is active.

int ActiveFavorCost

If Tribute is active, how much it is costing you every 10 minutes. Returns NULL if tribute is inactive.

int AdoptiveCoin

buff Aego

Returns the name of the Aegolism buff or equivalent (Aego, HP Buff, Symbol) from a Cleric.

spawn AggroLock

Spawn info for aggro lock player

int AGI

Character Agility

int AirSupply

altability AltAbility[#|name]

Returns the total number of points you have spent in ability # or name

bool AltAbilityReady[#|name]

Alt ability # or name ready?

int AltAbilityTimer[#|name]

Alt ability reuse time remaining (in ticks) for ability # or name

int AltCurrency[name]

The amount of alternate currency given the name (e.g. Marks of Valor)

bool AltTimerReady

Alternate timer ready? (Bash/Slam/Frenzy/Backstab). Note: ${AbilityReady} works fine with most of these.

bool AmIGroupLeader

Am I the group leader?

int AncientDraconicCoin

int AncientSebilisianCoins

bool AssistComplete

returns true/false if the assist is complete

int AttackBonus

Attack bonus from gear and spells

int AttackSpeed

Your Attack Speed. No haste spells/items = AttackSpeed of 100. A 41% haste item will result in an AttackSpeed of 141. This variable does not take into account spell or song haste.

auratype Aura

Aura data, if an aura is active.

bool AutoFire

Is Autofire on?

skill AutoSkill

int AvoidanceBonus

Avoidance bonus from gear/spells

bandolier Bandolier

Gives access to the bandolier datatype.

item Bank

Item in this bankslot #

bool BardSongPlaying

Is a bard song playing?

int BaseAGI

Base Agility

int BaseCHA

Base Charisma

int BaseDEX

Base Dexterity

int BaseINT

Base Intelligence

int BaseSTA

Base Stamana

int BaseSTR

Base Strength

int BaseWIS

Base Wisdom

int BathezidTradeGems

int Bayle

buff Beneficial

Returns the first Beneficial buff found in your list of buffs

int BifurcatedCoin

spell BlockedBuff

spell BlockedPetBuff[name]

Buff blocked by pet with this name

spell BlockedPetBuff[#]

Buff at this index slot # of the blocked pet buffs

int Book[name]

Slot in your spell book assigned to spell name

spell Book[#]

Spell assigned to this slot # in your spell book

worldlocation BoundLocation[#]

Returns information about your bind points (0-4)

int Brellium

buff Brells

Returns the Brell's line HP buff from a Paladin

int BronzeFiats

buff Buff[name]

The buff with this name

buff Buff[#]

The buff in this slot #

bool CanMount

Can you use a mount here?

int64 CareerFavor

Career favor/tribute

int64 Cash

Total cash on your character, expressed in coppers (eg. if you are carrying 100pp, Cash will return 100000)

int64 CashBank

Total cash in your bank, expressed in coppers

timestamp CastTimeLeft

int CHA

Character Charisma

buff Charmed

int Chronobines

Chronobines on your character

int ClairvoyanceBonus

Clairvoyance Bonus

buff Clarity

bool Combat

In combat?

spell CombatAbility[#]

The name of Combat Ability # in your list (not the same as anyone else's list!)

int CombatAbility[name]

The number of Combat ability name in your list (not the same as anyone else's list!)

bool CombatAbilityReady[name|#]

Is this Combat Ability ready?

int CombatAbilityTimer[name|#]

The time remaining (in seconds) before the Combat Ability name is usable

int CombatEffectsBonus

Combat Effects bonus from gear and spells

string CombatState

Returns the current out-of-combat resting state.

Value Meaning
COMBAT You are currently in a combat state and can not rest yet
DEBUFFED You can't rest now. You need to be cleansed before the cooldown will start
COOLDOWN You are cooling down. OOC regen is ready when you are done cooling down
ACTIVE You can rest now. You can use the OOC regen if you want
RESTING You ARE resting now. the OOC regen is active

If the client does not support this feature, ACTIVE will always be returned.


/if ${Me.CombatState.Equal[ACTIVE]} /echo I can now sit and regen fast
/if ${Me.CombatState.Equal[DEBUFFED]} /echo I need cures before I can rest

int Commemoratives

int Copper

Copper on your character

int CopperBank

Copper in bank

spell Corrupted

Returns the name of the Corrupted debuff if you have one

int CountBuffs

Number of buffs you have, not including short duration buffs

int64 CountersCorruption

int64 CountersCurse

Number of curse counters you have

int64 CountersDisease

Number of disease counters you have

int64 CountersPoison

Number of poison counters you have

int CountSongs

Number of songs you have

int Crippled

int CrystallizedFear

int CryrstallizedLuck

int CurrentEndurance

Current endurance

int64 CurrentFavor

Current favor/tribute

int CurrentHPs

Current hit points

int CurrentMana

Current mana

int CurrentWeight

Current weight

spell Cursed

Returns the name of the Curse debuff if you are effected by one

int CursorCopper

int CursorGold

int CursorKrono

int CursorPlatinum

int CursorSilver

int DamageShieldBonus

Damage Shield bonus from gear and spells

int DamageShieldMitigationBonus

Damage Shield Mitigation bonus from gear and spells

int64 Dar

Damage absorption remaining (eg. from Rune-type spells)

int DEX

Character Dexterity

int DiamondCoins

string Diseased

Returns the name of first Disease spell on character

int DoTShieldBonus

DoT Shield bonus from gear and spells

string Dotted

Returns name of first DoT on character

int Doubloons

Doubloons on your character

ticks Downtime

Downtime (Ticks left til combat timer end)

int DreadStones

int Drunk

Drunkenness level

buff DSed

int EbonCrystals

Number of Ebon Crystals on your character

int Endurance

int EnduranceBonus

Endurance bonus from gear and spells

int EnduranceRegen

Endurance regen from the last tick

int EnduranceRegenBonus

Endurance regen bonus

int EnergyCrystals

int EntwinedDjinnCoins

int64 Exp

Experience (out of 10,000 on Live / out of 330 on Emu)

int ExpansionFlags

Returns a numeric number representing which expansions your toon is flagged for

int Faycites

Faycites on your character

buff Feared

fellowship Fellowship

Info about Fellowship

int FetteredIfritCoins

buff FindBuff

int Fists

buff Focus

int FreeBuffSlots

Number of open buff slots (not counting the short duration buff slots)

int FreeInventory

Number of free inventory spaces

int FreeInventory[#]

Number of free inventory spaces of at least # size (giant=4)

int FroststoneDucat

int Gem[name]

Returns the slot # with the spell name

spell Gem[#]

The name of the spell in this slot #

ticks GemTimer[name|#]

The timer for the spell with this name or in this gem #

int Gold

Gold on character

int GoldBank

Gold in bank

int GoldTokens

spawn GroupAssistTarget

Current group assist target

bool Grouped


string GroupList

Returns a string of your group members (excluding you)

spawn GroupMarkNPC[#]

Current group marked NPC (1-3)

int GroupSize

Size of group

buff Growth

int GukEarned

Total LDoN points earned in Deepest Guk

int64 GuildID

Returns the ID number of your guild

int Haste

Total Combined Haste (worn and spell) as shown in Inventory Window stats

buff Hasted

bool HaveExpansion[#]

Returns TRUE/FALSE if you have that expansion #

int HealAmountBonus

Total Heal Amount bonus from gear

int HeroicAGIBonus

Total Heroic Agility bonus from gear

int HeroicCHABonus

Total Heroic Charisma bonus from gear

int HeroicDEXBonus

Total Heroic Dexterity bonus from gear

int HeroicINTBonus

Total Heroic Intelligence bonus from gear

int HeroicSTABonus

Total Heroic Stamina bonus from gear

int HeroicSTRBonus

Total Heroic Strength bonus from gear

int HeroicWISBonus

Total Heroic Wisdom bonus from gear

int HPBonus

Hit point bonus from gear and spells

int HPRegen

Hit point regeneration from last tick

int HPRegenBonus

HP regen bonus from gear and spells

int Hunger

Hunger level

buff HybridHP

int ID

Spawn ID

bool InInstance

Returns TRUE/FALSE if you are in an instance.

int Instance

int INT

Character Intelligence

item Inventory[#]

Item in this slot #

item Inventory[slotname]

Item in this slotname (inventory slots only). See Slot Names for a list of slotnames.

bool Invited

Invited to group?

string Inviter

Name of player sending group invite

string Invulnerable

Returns the invulnerable spell name on you, can be used with spell datatype


int IsBerserk

bool ItemReady[XXX]

True/False on if the item is ready to cast.

int Krono

int LADelegateMA

Level of Delegate MA of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LADelegateMarkNPC

Level of Delegate Mark NPC of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LAFindPathPC

Level of Find Path PC of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LAHealthEnhancement

Level of Health Enhancement of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LAHealthRegen

Level of Health Regen of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LAHoTT

Level of HoTT of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LAInspectBuffs

Level of Inspect Buffs of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LAManaEnhancement

Level of Mana Enhancement of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LAMarkNPC

Level of Mark NPC of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LANPCHealth

Level of NPC Health of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LAOffenseEnhancement

Level of Offense Enhancement of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int LASpellAwareness

Level of Spell Awareness of the current group leader (not your own ability level)

int Language[language name]

The EQ language number of the specified language. See languages.

string Language[language number]

Returns the EQ language name of the language number specified. See languages.

int LanguageSkill[language]

Your skill in language

int LargestFreeInventory

Size of your largest free inventory space

int LargestFreeInventory

Size of your largest free inventory space

timestamp LastZoned

Returns a timestamp of last time you zoned

int LaurionInnVoucher

int LCK

int LDoNPoints

Available LDoN points

int LoyaltyTokens

buff Maloed

int ManaBonus

Mana bonus from gear and spells

int ManaRegen

Mana regeneration from last tick

int ManaRegenBonus

Mana regen bonus from gear and spells

int MarksOfValor

int MaxAirSupply

int MaxBuffSlots

Max number of buffs you can have on you. /echo ${Me.MaxBuffSlots}

int MaxEndurance

Max endurance

int MaxHPs

Max hit points

int MaxLevel

int MaxMana

Max mana

int McKenzie

int MedalsOfConflict

int MedalsOfHeroism

string MembershipLevel

Account membership level: GOLD, SILVER, FREE. All-Access and Lifetime All-access are both considered Gold.

int64 MercAAExp

int MercAAPoints

int MercAAPointsSpent

string Mercenary

The state of your Mercenary, ACTIVE, SUSPENDED, or UNKNOWN (If it's dead). Returns NULL if you do not have a Mercenary.

string MercenaryStance

Current active mercenary stance as a string, default is NULL.

string MercListInfo

buff Mezzed

int MirEarned

Total LDoN points earned in Miragul's

int MMEarned

Total LDoN points earned in Mistmoore

int Motes

bool Moving

Moving? (including strafe)

string Name

First name

int Nobles

int NumBagSlots

int NumGems

Returns the amount of spell gems your toon has

zone Origin

int Orux

Orux on your character

int OverseerTetradrachm

int ParcelStatus

float PctAAExp

AA exp as a %

int PctAAVitality

Percentage of AA Vitality your toon has

int PctAggro

Your aggro percentage

int PctAirSupply

int PctEndurance

Current endurance as a %

float PctExp

Experience as a %

int PctExpToAA

int PctHPs

Current HP as a %

int PctMana

Current mana as a %

float PctMercAAExp

int PctVitality

Percentage of Vitality the toon has

int PersonaLevel[class]

Given the class shortname as a param, returns level of that class persona. e.g. ${Me.PersonaLevel[DRU]} returns the level of your Druid persona. If you do not have a Persona of the given class, the member will return 0.

int PersonaLevel[#]

Given the class ID # returns the persona level of that class. eg ${Me.PersonaLevel[11]} returns the level of your Necromancer persona. If you do not have a Persona of the given class, the member will return 0.

spell PetBuff[#]

The spell in this PetBuff slot #

int PetBuff[name]

Finds PetBuff slot with the spell name

int Phosphenes

Phosphenes on your character

int Phosphites

Phosphites on your character

int PiecesofEight

int Platinum

Platinum on your character

int PlatinumBank

Platinum in bank

int PlatinumShared

Platinum in shared bank

string Poisoned

Returns the name of any Poison spell


buff Pred

int RadiantCrystals

Number of Radiant Crystals on your character

spawn RaidAssistTarget[#]

Current raid assist target (1-3)

spawn RaidMarkNPC[#]

Current raid marked NPC (1-3)

bool RangedReady

Ranged attack ready?

int RebellionChits

int Reclamation

buff Regen

int RemnantOfTranquility

int RestlessMark

buff RevDSed

buff Rooted

int RujEarned

Total LDoN points earned in Rujarkian

bool Running

Do I have auto-run turned on?

int SathirsTradeGems

int ScarletMarks

buff SE

spawn SecondaryAggroPlayer

spawninfo for secondary aggro player

int SecondaryPctAggro

Secondary Percentage aggro

int ShadedSpecie

int ShadowStones

int ShalowainsPrivateReserve

item SharedBank

int ShieldingBonus

Shielding bonus from gear and spells

buff Shining

bool Shrouded

Am I Shrouded?

buff Silenced

Returns the buff of the Silence type effect on you

int Silver

Silver on your character

int SilverBank

Silver in bank

int SilverTokens

int Skill[name|#]

Skill level of skill with this name or ID #

int SkillBase

int SkillCap[name|#]

Skill cap of skill with this name or ID #

buff Skin

buff Slowed

buff Snared

buff Song[name]

Finds song with this name

buff Song[#]

The song in this slot #

int SPA

spawn Spawn

The character's spawn

spell Spell

int SpellDamageBonus

Spell Damage bonus

bool SpellInCooldown

returns TRUE if you have a spell in cooldown and FALSE when not.

int SpellRankCap

your characters spell rank cap. if it returns: 1 = Rk. I spells 2 = Rk. II spells 3 = Rk. III spells

bool SpellReady[name|#]

Gem with this spell name or in this gem # ready to cast?

int SpellShieldBonus

Spell Shield bonus from gear and spells

int SpiritualMedallions

int STA

Character Stamina

int STR

Character Strength

buff Strength

int StrikeThroughBonus

Strikethrough bonus from gear and spells

bool Stunned

Am I stunned?

int StunResistBonus

Stun Resist bonus from gear and spells

string Subscription

See MembershipLevel

int SubscriptionDays

The number of days left before subscription expires.

buff SV

int svChromatic

Your character's lowest resist

int svCold

Character Cold Resist

int svCorruption

Character Corruption Resist

int svDisease

Character Disease Resist

int svFire

Character Fire Resist

int svMagic

Character Magic Resist

int svPoison

Character Poison Resist

int svPrismatic

The average of your character's resists

buff Symbol

int TakEarned

Total LDoN points earned in Takish

spawn TargetOfTarget

Target of Target (will only work when group or raid Target of Target is active; if not, it will return NULL)

buff Tashed

int Thirst

Thirst level

int64 TotalCounters

bool TributeActive

Tribute Active

ticks TributeTimer

Tribute Timer

bool UseAdvancedLooting

TRUE/FALSE if using advanced looting

int VeliumShards

int64 Vitality

Total amount of Vitality your toon has

int64 VitalityCap

int Voucher

int WarforgedEmblem

int WarlordsSymbol

int WIS

Character Wisdom

int XTAggroCount[N]

N is optional and defaults to 100.

Returns the number of AUTO-HATER mobs on the extended target window where your aggro is less than the optional parameter N. N must be between 1-100 inclusive or it will be set to 100 (the default value).

xtarget XTarget[#]

Extended target data for the specified XTarget #. Note: Passing no index to this returns the number of current extended targets.

int XTargetSlots

int XTHaterCount

zone ZoneBound

float ZoneBoundX

float ZoneBoundY

float ZoneBoundZ

bool Zoning

string To String

The character's name


Name Action
Dismount Causes character to dismount.
Sit Causes character to sit if not already.
Stand Causes character to stand if not already.
StopCast Causes character to stop casting.



Add some examples

/assist PlayerName
/delay 5s ${Me.AssistComplete}==TRUE

The delay will last either 5s OR until the assist is complete