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/itemnotify slotname|#||itemname ''notification''
/itemnotify in bagslot slot# notification


Similar to the /click function, but does not involve the use of the mouse.

  • Slotname can be any one of the equipment Slot Names.
  • Bagslot can be pack1-pack8 or bank1-bank16. **Sharedbank1, sharedbank2 and trade1-trade8 are not yet implemented

in /itemnotify.**

Notification can be any one of the following:

leftmouseup Puts the item on the cursor, or returns it to slotname if its already on the cursor (same as left clicking an inventory item).
leftmouseheld Clicks and holds slotname. Used for making hotkeys.
rightmouseup Casts the item, or opens the container. This is the same as right clicking an inventory slot.
rightmouseheld Opens up the item display window.


Exchange the item in slot1 of pack8 with the item in your main hand:

 /itemnotify in pack8 1 leftmouseup
 /itemnotify mainhand leftmouseup
 /itemnotify in pack8 1 leftmouseup

Right-click your Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring:

 /itemnotify "Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring" rightmouseup