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/loadcfg filename


Loads the specified .cfg file.

  • Plugins can use LoadCfgFile(filename)
  • Some cfg files are loaded automatically. You may use /loadcfg to load them at your own desire.
  • autoexec.cfg
Executed on the first pulse

-   **charselect.cfg**

Executed when you enter character select

-   **server_character.cfg**

Executed when this *character* on *server* enters the world

-   **mapshortname.cfg**

Executed upon entering the zone *mapshortname*

-   **pluginname-autoexec.cfg**

Executed when this plugin is loaded (after its initialization is complete)


  • bertox_mycharacter.cfg

Config file that will load for Mycharacter on the Bertox server when she first enters world.

  • oot.cfg, soldungb.cfg, soldunga.cfg, take.cfg

Config file that will load when entering a specific zone