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MQ2Twist Revision History

htw 10-13-09

Added flag in SetGameState() to prevent INI init on zone

htw 10-12-09

Corrected item swap in index, added a few more info lines if debug mode is on

htw 10-10-09

Corrected max check for items on song rotation

htw 09-22-09

See changes below

Changed click/aa entries to STL, added class (a couple members for future direction), a few other changes

dewey2461 09-19-09

Updated to let you twist AA abilities and define clicky/AA songs from inside the game


Updated array lengths to add more clicky slots

MinosDis 05-01-08

Updated to fix /twist once

Simkin 12-17-07

Updated for Secrets of Faydwer 10 Songs

Support items Secrets of Faydwer 10 Songs


Support "swap in and click" items


Support extra spell slot from Omens of War AA


Command: /twist quiet to toggle some of the spam on/off
Various code fixes/speedups


Moved LONGSONG_ADJUST into INI file and made /twist adjust command to set it on
the fly


Changed output for /twist once to be slightly less misleading
Reset click/song timers every time they're called with /twist hold or /twist once;
if the user's specifying that song, they obviously want to cast it anyway.
Removed the variable MissedNote as close inspection revealed the only place it was
checked for was the line that set it. /boggle
Minor code tweaks, cleanups, formatting changes, etc

Pheph 08-24-04

cleaning up use of MQ2Data

Modified it to use only one TLO, as I found it somewhat messy having 4 different ones.
All the functionality of the old TLO's are now members of ${Twist}
${Twising} is now ${Twist.Twisting}, or just ${Twist}
${TwistCurrent} is now ${Twist.Current}
${TwistNext} is now ${Twist.Next}
${TwistList} is now ${Twist.List}


Reset_ItemClick_Timers was being called far too often. Now the only time we reset
is if a new list of songs are specified. "/twist ${TwistList}" is a useful alias
if you for some reason want the old behavior.
Sing or /twist hold now resets the cast/item timer for that song only, rather than
the entire list.
Command: /twist reset calls Reset_ItemClick_Timers without interfering with the
state of the current twists.


Command: /twist once [songlist] will cycle through the songs entered once, then
revert to the old twist, starting with the song that was interrupted.
Removed command "/twist on", it was making the string compare for "once" annoying,
and I didn't think it was worth the effort for a redundant command.
/twist delay with no argument now returns the delay without resetting it. Values
less than 30 now give a warning...maybe they're not bards or have some other
reason for using a low value.

Cr4zyb4rd 08-19-04

taking over janitorial duties

Minor revamp of item notification. Removed ITEMNOTIFY define and kludged in some
changes from Virtuoso65 to get casting by item name working. /cast is no longer
Added INI file support for above change. File now uses distinct entries for item
names and slots. *Quotes not required for multi-word item names in INI.*
Fixed the MQ2Data value TwistCurrent to display the current song as-advertised, and
added a new value TwistNext with the old behavior of showing the next song in the
queue. (Useful in scripting)
Removed a few DebugSpews that were mega-spamming my debugger output.
CastTime of -1 in the INI file now causes the default delay to be used.


Added LONGSONG_ADJUST (default to 1 tick) to help with the timing of recasting long
songs, such as selo's.
Twisting is now paused when you sit (this would include camping). This fixes
problems reported by Chyld989 (twisting across chars) and Kiniktoo (new autostand on
cast 'feature' in EQ makes twisting funky)


Added workaround for incorrect duration assumption for durationtype=5 songs, such as
Cassindra's Chant of Clarity or Cassindra's Chorus of Clarity.
Added check of char state before casting a song. Actually added for 1.05
Checked states and resulting action are:
Feigned, or Ducking = /stand
Stunned = Delay
Dead - Stop twisting.
If you're a monk using this to click your epic, you'll want to disable the autostand on feign code =)


Fixed CTD on song unmem or death, while twisting. Oops
Removed circle functionality. It's better suited for a plugin like the MQ2MoveUtils
plugin by tonio at


Fixed problem with using pchar before state->ingame causing CTD on eq load (thanks MTBR)
Fixed vc6 compile error w/ reset_itemclick_timers
Replaced various incantations of pChar and pSpawn with GetCharInfo()
Fixed /circle behavior w/ unspecified y/x
Fixed /circle on when already circling and you want to update loc
Added output of parsed circle parameters on start.


Converted to MQ2Data
Top Level Objects:
bool Twisting (if NULL plugin is not loaded)
int TwistCurrent
string TwistList
Removed $Param synatax for above
Added check to make sure item twists specified are defined
Fixed error with twist parameter processing
Changed twist startup output to be more verbose
Command: /twist on added as alias for /twist start
INI File is now named per-character (MQ2Twist_Charname.ini)
* Be sure to rename existing ini files
Modified twist routine to take into account songs with
non-0 recast times or longer than 3 tick durations,
and only re-cast them after the appropriate delay.
This is for songs like Selos 2.5 min duration, etc.
* Note that this makes no attempt to recover if the song
effect is dispelled, your macro will need to take care
of that.
Added ability to compile-time change the method used for
clicking items.


Changed /circle command to allow calling w/o specifying loc
Corrected a problem with multiple consecutive missed notes
Added handling of attempting to sing while stunned
Command: /twist slots, to list the slot to # associations
Command: /twist reload, to reload the ini file on the fly
Command: /twist end, /twist off as aliases for /twist stop
Command: /sing #, as an alias for /twist hold #

Added support for item clickies. Clickies are specified
as "gem" 10-19. For example, /twist 1 2 10 12

Added INI file support for storing item clicky info
and default twist delay.


Integrated the /circle code from Easar, runs in a circle. type
/circle for help.

CyberTech 03-31-04

w/ code/ideas from Falco72 & Space-boy

koad 03-24-04

Original plugin \([](\)