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MacroQuest Launcher

Also known as MacroQuest.exe

MacroQuest.exe is an open-source project and is known as the MacroQuest injector.

Running MacroQuest.exe is the way to start MacroQuest. Note, that once MacroQuest has been loaded in all of the EQ instances you'd like it to load -- MacroQuest.exe is no longer required to be running. However, it does handle profile launching and hotkey switching, so closing it will lose these functions.


MacroQuest.exe [/injectonce] [/noappcompat] [/spawnedprocess]

Switch Function
/injectonce Tells MacroQuest to only inject one time and then exit. This is only useful for platforms that only allow running one instance of EQ.
/noappcompat Disabled application compatibility checks when starting up. Normally these checks will tell you if something MQ related was added to your application compatibility list (which should be fixed by you)
/spawnedprocess Tells MacroQuest that this is a spawned process and you want it to keep the same name. This isn't useful outside of debugging.