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MQ2GMCheck Created by Bushdaka

Check to see if a GM is in the zone. This is not fool proof. It is absolutely true that a GM could be right in front of you and you'd never know it. This plugin will simply find those who are in the zone and not gm-invis, or who just came into the zone and were not gm-invised at the time. If a GM comes into the zone already gm-invised, we will not know about that.

You can find the latest version of MQ2GMCheck here.


/gmcheck on|off - enable/disable scanning for GMs
/gmcheck char on|off - toggle chat channel alert
/gmcheck chattimer X - set frequency of chant channel alert, default=15s
/gmcheck popup on|off - toggle popup alert
/gmcheck popuptimer X - set frequency of popup alert, default is 30s
/gmcheck audio on|off - toggle audio alert
/gmcheck audiotimer X - set frequency of audio alert, default is 30s
/gmcheck list - list all known GMs currently in zone
/gmcheck reset - reset list of known GMs in zone
/gmcheck history - complete history dump
/gmcheck zone - history of GMs in this zone
/gmcheck server - history of GMs on this server
/gmcheck servers - history of GMs on all servers
/gmcheck timer X - set scan delay to X seconds, default is 2s
/gmcheck help - show the available commands


${GMCheck} returns TRUE, FALSE, or DISABLED.
${GMCheck.Status} returns TRUE, FALSE, or DISABLED.
${GMCheck.Count} returns the number of GMs known in this zone.

audio - put an entry for GMCHECK in the MQ2Sound.ini