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This plugin adds an additional window to your UI which displays ALL information generated by MQ2.

Note: Any information displayed or typed in this window will NOT go into your character log. It is invisible to EverQuest \(and invisible to /petitions and /reports too\).

This plugin is setup by default and very much recommended. You can however use the MQ2Chat plugin to force MQ2 information to the main EQ chat window if you wish to ignore this recommendation.


  • /style 0xN

Set the style bit corresponding to 0xN or unset it if ! is supplied. See EQ documentation for further details about WindowStyle.

  • /mqfont #

Sets the font size on this window. Note: This is not the same as the EQ command /chatfontsize; /mqfont reduces the spacing between the lines of text within the window.

  • /mqmin

Toggle the minimization of MQ2ChatWnd

  • /mqclear

Clears the chat buffer of MQ2ChatWnd

  • /mqchat reset

Resets the location and options for the MQ2 Chat window


MQ2ChatWnd stores a configuration file to the root MQ2 folder, MQ2ChatWnd.ini. This file stores the chat window position, color, title, and other settings for every character you create, by default. There are new user-configurable options that have been added:

  • AutoScroll

By default set to on, this automatically scrolls to the bottom of the chat window every time a new text line is displayed. If you set this option to off, the chat window will retain your current slider position rather than automatically scroll to the bottom.

  • NoCharSelect

By default set to off, this displays the chat window at the character select screen. If you set this option to on, the chat window will only display when you have entered or re-entered the world.

  • SaveByChar

By default set to on, this creates a new INI entry for every character that you log in so that each character uses its own window position and settings. If you set this option to off, a single section will be created and all characters will use the same window position and settings.

Key Binding

MQ2 creates a key binding for MQ2ChatWnd by default \(the . key\). This entry is created in a similar manner to the /bind command, and will create an entry in your MacroQuest.ini file under the section. The default entry is given the name MQ2CHAT_Nrm, and may be changed by the user prior to starting MQ2, or using the /bind command.