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Top-Level Objects

A "Top-Level Object" is any kind of object that you can start with when trying to find a property.

TLOs are called Top-Level Objects because nothing comes before them. A TLO is not a member of any object, it is itself an accessor to objects.


A TLO provides access to instances of datatypes.

See Also: DataType Reference

The data that a TLO gives you may depend on the parameters that are provided. Most TLOs don't take any parameters (like Me). However, some TLOs return different data dependent on what is provided to them. This is explained in the documentation by using the term Forms. A TLO with multiple Forms may return different datatypes depending on what is passed in.



Me is a Top Level Object that returns a character. Me has access to the members of the character datatype, but Me is not the character datatype. You will notice that the character datatype inherits the spawn datatype, which means the TLO Me will have access to both the character and spawn members.


The datatype named int and the Top Level Object named Int are not the same thing.

The TLO is used to parse integer strings. the int datatype represents a numeric value.

See Also

A Beginners Guide to TLOs and MQ2DataVars may be useful for understanding how TLOs work.

TLO List

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Achievement Familiar Heading Mercenary Spell
AdvLoot FindItem If Mount Switch
Alert FindItemBank Illusion NearestSpawn Target
Alias FindItemBankCount Ini Pet Task
AltAbility FindItemCount Int Plugin Time
Bool Float ItemTarget Raid Type
Corpse FrameLimiter LastSpawn Range Window
Defined Friends LineOfSight Select Zone
DisplayItem GameTime Macro SelectedItem
DoorTarget Ground MacroQuest Skill
DynamicZone GroundItemCount Math Spawn
EverQuest Group Me SpawnCount