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MQ2Exchange, by Wassup, allows you to exchange items or unequip items without having any inventory windows or bags opened.

The thread where this plugin began can be found in the VIP forums here. The current code being maintained by pms can be found here.


  • /exchange

This exchanges the itemname/itemID into the slotname/slotnumber you define \(see [Slot Names](../../reference/general/ for names/numbers\). If there is an item in that slot already, it will be placed in the first available inventory/bag slot that is of sufficient size for the item.

Note: Item names that contain spaces must be enclosed in quotation marks, otherwise quotations marks are not required.

  • /unequip

Unequips the item at slotname/slotnumber.


The following two examples will exchange Staff of Eternal Flames to the mainhand slot:

/exchange "staff of eternal flames" mainhand
/exchange 24789 13

The following two examples will unequip the item in your offhand slot:

/unequip offhand
/unequip 14

  • /exchange list gives a list of the equipment slot names and slot numbers.
  • /exchange help gives a list of the commands available.