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Data types related to the current MacroQuest2 session. These also inherit from the EverQuest Type.


int Build

The build (client target) for MQ2Main.dll (1 - Live, 2 - Test, 3 - Beta, 4 - Emu)

string BuildName

The build (client target) name for MQ2Main.dll (Live, Test, Beta, Emu)

string BuildDate

Date that MQ2Main.dll was built

string Error

Last normal error message

string InternalName

The internal name from MQ2Main.dll ("Next")

string MQ2DataError

Last MQ2Data parsing error message

int Parser

Which parser engine is currently active

string Path[Option]

Directory that Macroquest.exe launched from. When passed root/config/crashdumps/logs/mqini/macros/plugins/resources, returns the respective path

string SyntaxError

Last syntax error message

string Version

The full version of MQ2Main.dll

string To String



/echo ${MacroQuest.Path[config]}