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MQ2Bandolier, written by Wassup, is an extension of the EQ Bandolier which allows you to swap items in any of your inventory slots.

  • It requires MQ2Exchange in order to perform the item swapping.

You can find the source to the plugin in the VIP forums here.


  • /createset slotname1|slotnumber1 slotname2|slotnumber2 ... \(slotname21\|slotnumber22\)

Creates a set in MQ2Bandolier_.ini using the selected equipment slots. If you use the name of an existing set, it will be over-written.

  • /deleteset

Deletes the specified setname from the characters ini.

  • /equipset

Equips all items of the specified set.


/createset ThisSet chest mainhand offhand
/createset ThisSet 17 13 14

Both of the above examples will create the following INI entry:

[ThisSet] 17=12345 13=23456 14=34567