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Provides the details about a single achievement and allows access to an achievement's objective.


int ID

The achievement's unique ID.

string Name

The achievement's name

string Description

The achievement's description

int Points

The point value for the achievement

achievementobj Objective[#|Description]

Find an objective by its objective ID or Description.

achievementobj ObjectiveByIndex[#]

Find an objective by its visual ordering as displayed in the achievements window.

int ObjectiveCount

The number of objectives in this achievement.

string Link[opt: Name]

Generate an achievement link. An optional name can be provided to display in the achievement, otherwise the current character's name will be used.

int Index

The index of the achievement. See Achievement Indices for more information.

int IconID

ID of the Achievement's Icon. See Achievement Icon below.

string State

The achievement state. See Achievement State below.

bool Completed

True if the achievement has been completed

bool Open

True if the achievement is open

bool Locked

True if the achievement is locked

bool Hidden

True if the achievement is hidden

time CompletedTime

Calendar time when the achievement was completed.

Achievement State

An achievement has one of the following mutually exclusive states, accessed via State

State Description
OPEN The achievement is available and not completed.
COMPLETED The achievement has been completed
LOCKED The achievement is "locked" and has criteria that must be completed to be unlocked.
HIDDEN The achievement is hidden and not available to be earned. Hidden achievements include those that do not apply to the current character class.

Achievement Icon

Each achievement has an icon associated with it. This icon id represents a cell in the A_DragItem texture. To access the cell, subtract 500 from the icon id.


Link an achievement into chat

/say This is an achievement link: ${Achievement[2801001].Link}
mq.cmdf("/say This is an achievement link: %s", mq.TLO.Achievement(2801001).Link())

Print a message if an achievement has been completed. This example also demonstrates how to properly use an achievement index.

| 500980300 = Wayfarers Brotherhood Adventurer's Stone (Various 20+)
/declare achievementIndex int local ${Achievement[500980300].Index}
/echo ${achievementIndex}

/if (${Achievement.AchievementByIndex[${achievementIndex}].Completed}) {
    /echo ${Achievement.AchievementByIndex[${achievementIndex}].Name} is completed on ${Achievement.AchievementByIndex[${achievementIndex}].CompletedTime.Date}
} else {
    /echo ${Achievement.AchievementByIndex[${achievementIndex}].Name} is not completed!
-- 500980300 = Wayfarers Brotherhood Adventurer's Stone (Various 20+)
local achievementIndex = mq.TLO.Achievement(500980300).Index()

local achievement = mq.TLO.Achievement.AchievementByIndex(achievementIndex)
if achievement.Completed() then
    printf('%s is completed on %s', achievement.Name(), achievement.CompletedTime.Date())
    print(achievement.Name() .. ' is not completed!')

Print how many humans you have left to kill for the "I'm a People Person!" achievement

| 11000028 = I'm a People Person!
/if (${Achievement[11000028].Completed}) {
    /echo ${Achievement[11000028].Name} is complete!
} else {
    | 300197 = Humans
    /if (!${Achievement[11000028].Objective[300197].Completed}) {
        /echo You have ${Math.Calc[${Achievement[11000028].Objective[300197].RequiredCount} - ${Achievement[11000028].Objective[300197].Count}].Int} humans left to kill!
    } else {
        /echo Done killing humans!
local achievement = mq.TLO.Achievement("I'm a People Person!")

if achievement.Completed() then
    print("Achievement completed!")
    local objective = achievement.Objective("Humans")
    if not objective.Completed() then
        printf("You have %d humans left to kill!", objective.RequiredCount() - objective.Count())
        print("Done killing humans!")


Name Action
Inspect Opens the achievement display window for this achievement