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/multiline delimiter command [ delimiter command [...] ]


Executes multiple commands using a single line separated by the delimiter.


  • This is useful for keybinds
  • There must be a space before and after the defined delimiter. e.g. /multiline ; command
  • You do not need to put a space before and after the delimiter separating the individual commands
  • The delimiter is 1 parameter, and the list of commands is 1 parameter, ergo you need a space separating the

    delimiter from the list of commands. The delimiter may be anything of your choosing e.g ; | word @ # ! * /call, /return and /delay are line based and their use on a /multiline line is unpredictable.


; using one multline
/if ( ${Target.ID} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && !${Me.Combat} ) {
       /multiline ; /echo Attacking ${Target.DisplayName}; /attack on

; use more than one multiline
/multiline ; /target clear; /mqp on; /timed 200 /multiline | mqp off | /beep