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Spawn Search

All Top-Level Objects and Data Types that support searching for spawns, can take the following options:

Parameter Description
alert # Any spawns on the alert list #
aura Auras
body bodytype Spawns with the specified bodytype
chest Chests
class classname Spawns with this class name (long name)
corpse Corpses
dps Returns Wizards, Rangers and Rogues
fellowship includes toons in your fellowship that is in zone
gm GMs and Guides
group Group members
guildname name Members of name guild
guildname Members of your own guild
healer Returns Druids and Clerics
id # Spawn with ID #
invis Invisible spawns
knight Returns Paladins and Shadow Knights
lfg All spawns Looking For Group
light lightsource Spawns with the specified lightsource
loc #x #y [#z] Spawn at the specified loc, Z is optional, if Z is not supplied it will use your current Z. (note: you must use radius with this keyword)
los Spawns in Line of Sight (from your point of view)
mercenary Spawn which is a mercenary
merchant NPC Merchants
name Spawn with this name
named "Named" spawns (spawns whose names start with a #, or whose name does not start with "a" or "an")
nearalert # Spawns close to alert list #
next Next spawn matching the search criteria
noalert # Spawns not on the alert list #
noguild Spawns with no guild tag
notid # Spawns not matching ID #
npc Non-Player Characters
npccorpse Non-Player Characters Corpses
npcpet Pets Owned by Non-Player Characters
pc Player Characters (default)
pccorpse Player corpses
pcpet Pets Owned by Player Characters
pet Pets
prev Previous spawn matching the search criteria
race racename Spawns with the race racename
radius # Within the radius #
range low# high# Within the level range #(low) and #(high)
slower Returns Shamans, Enchanters and Beastlords
tank Returns Paladins, Shadow Knights and Warriors
targetable Spawns that can be targeted
timer Timer spawns
trap Traps
tribute Tribute Masters
trigger Triggers
untargettable Untargettable spawns
xtarhater Spawn on my xtarget list that hates me
zradius # Spawns within the specified Z-Axis radius
Anything Else Anything not matched above is considered a name
  • Complete list of searchables as of 30 march 2020

`"range"`` ``MinLevel`` ``MaxLevel``````` "loc"`````KnownLocation xLoc yLoc zLoc````` `````"id" bSpawnID SpawnID````` `"radius"` `````"body" ````BodyType``````````` "class""race"`[[ "light"Light, Lights[Light] ]]"guild""guildname""alert""noalert""notnearalert""nearalert""zradius""notid""nopcnear""playerstate"`