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The FrameLimiter TLO provides access to the frame limiter feature


framelimiter FrameLimiter

The frame limiter object

Associated DataTypes

framelimiter Type

Represents the state of the frame limiter

float BackgroundFPS:

Value of the target background fps setting.

bool ClearScreen

Value of the clear screen when not rendering setting.

float CPU:

Current CPU usage as %

bool Enabled

TRUE if the frame limiter feature is currently active.

float ForegroundFPS:

Value of the target foreground fps setting.

float MinSimulationFPS:

Value of the minimum simualtion rate setting.

float RenderFPS:

Current graphics scene frame rate (visible fps).

bool SaveByChar

TRUE if settings for the frame limiter are being saved by character.

float SimulationFPS:

Current simulation frame rate (game updates per second).

string Status

Either "Foreground" or "Background".


Indicates that the frame limiter is enabled:

/echo ${FrameLimiter.Enabled}