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Rogue Helper

RH.mac was originally designed to take some button mashing out of playing a rogue while raiding. This macro will execute "smart" backstabbing, constant evading (optionally), auto hiding and sneaking while not fighting, automatically avoid enrage riposte damage, stop fighting if you get below a certain health percentage, employ your chosen Strike discipline before wading into combat, and was later expanded to include a vast amount of other features.

The latest versions of RH will also automatically assist specified tanks in a cascading fashion, automatically stick to a target (via internal code or using the MoveUtils plugin, smartly), will strafe in the most logical direction, display experience totals after combat, and optionally return after combat to a specified stake (or anchor) point.

In addition to various combat abilities (along with their tunable parameters), RH also provides some rogue tools: multiple body dragging, self corpse looting, as well as a fully customizable item clicker (with the capability to automatically refresh self-clicked buffs), and automatic looting.

A full list of features, their command syntax, and examples of how to use those commands is provided alphabetically below.

Important Notice:

RH will not function correctly, particularly in combat and more specifically with strike execution, unless you do the following things before using the macro:

  1. Make sure you have autoattack on assist OFF (/assist off)
  2. Modify your HOTKEY assist button to be ONLY an assist command and the following line:

/echo Seeking a Victim...

In other words, make a hotkey with the following two lines:

/assist main
/echo Seeking a Victim...

If you fail to do these things, RH will function poorly!

If your rogue still fails to assist your tank, try /Stick Off


RH provides you, the rogue, with an enormous amount of power. RH can do just about anything a rogue would need to do and can do almost all of it automatically. The following section briefly lists the features and capabilities that RH provides.

  • Backstab while autoattack is on.
  • Evade (optional) whenever hide is available during combat.
  • Hide and sneak (optional) while not fighting.
  • Pick the pockets of your enemies while fighting.
  • Avoid riposte damage by disabling autoattack whenever enrage is detected and you're facing the target (if autoassist

is on, autoattack is turned back on after the enrage wears off).

  • Cease fighting when the rogue's health drops below a certain point.
  • Open combats with a strike discipline (if hiding and sneaking and sufficient endurance is available).
  • Automatically stick (maneuver behind) engaged targets in a VERY human-like way.
  • You can specify how near you stick to the mob as a percentage of the maximum range to hit the target.
  • You will "circle strafe" around targets in the smallest arc to find the target's rear.
  • RH will try to back up and randomly move around obstacles if it gets stuck.
  • If you suddenly find yourself tanking, sticking will be disabled to prevent you from dancing around the target


  • Sticking will automatically take advantage of the MQ2MoveUtils plugin if it's loaded.

  • Experience changes in regular, AA, and Group Leadership are reported as a percentage delta (change) after every

experience gain.

  • Create a virtual leash for your rogue and attach it to an NPC or player or to a virtual stake in the ground.
  • You can customize the length of the leash.
  • If your (or RH) tries to move you beyond the leash length, you will be yanked back to the maximum length.
  • When not fighting, you'll return to the stake or the leash holder.
  • Automatically assist another player and make ready to strike or auto attack when the target reaches a certain health


  • Up to three (3) assists can be specified..
  • RH will cycle through all three assists, trying to assist each and stop when it finds that one of them is

    targeting an NPC.

  • You can specify "main" as the first or main assist, and RH will follow raid-set main assists instead.

  • Aggression level can optionally be controlled by RH (how soon to assist).
  • RH can stay on an existing target until it's dead, or optionally engage a new target if the main assist chooses


  • Drag an unlimited number of corpses (command line driven).

  • Completely loot your own corpse.
  • Automatically click items.
  • You can define clickable items and use a command to have RH "fetch" them, use them, and put them back.
  • Specified clickable effects can be designated as persistent (KEEPUP), and RH will automatically find the item

    and activate it's effect when the previously employed effect wears off.

  • You can define which spells don't stack with your clickable items to prevent persistent effects from bouncing

    off of superior spells. * Ninjaloot any NPC corpses that are around you (after something dies). * Automatically scan and disarm traps. * Improved autofollow (far better than EQ's) which actually allows you to follow players in dungeons or follow NPCs,

all at a specified range.

  • Conditionally swap weapons after a specified proc-effect occurs in combat, be it a player buff or a detrimental

target debuff.

  • Fight in 3D-mode while swimming (target acquisition while underwater is inhumanly perfect).
  • Determine when to take evasive action, including nimble discipline and potentially escape.
  • Automatically employ two configurable disciplines of your choice (duelist, deadly precision, kinesthetics, etc.)
  • Completely control macro output, both where it's displayed and the volume of text generated.

[Rogue Helper Command List](