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/if ( formula ) {


} [ else { ]




This will run all commands between the braces ( {} ) if formula evaluates to something other than 0.

  • Formulas are numeric operations ONLY. You must use MQ2Data string comparison to turn strings comparisons into

numeric operations (eg. Using .Equal or .NotEqual).

  • You may use && and || freely within formula, which will be evaluated down to a single term before proceeding.
  • Multiple commands may be included within the braces.
  • There is no need to use ${Math.Calc[]} in /if statements, since the formula is automatically converted into

numeric operations.

  • Else and else /if can be used to further refine how/which commands are run.
  • This will not work on some older versions of MQ2 (IE Jan 25, 2004) You will get a "Failed to parse /if command"


/if (${Target.ID}) {
 /call Cast "Complete Healing" gem1

/if (${Target.ID}) {
 /echo I have a target
} else {
 /echo No target

/if (${Target.CleanName.Equal[Banker Denton]}) {
 /echo Banker targeted
} else /if (${Target.CleanName.Equal[Ward Toft]}) {
 /echo Ward targeted
} else {
 /echo Banker or Ward not targeted

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