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Object that has access to members that provide information on a plugin.


plugin Plugin[name]

Finds plugin by name, uses full name match, case insensitive.

plugin Plugin[N]

Plugin by index, starting with 1 and stopping whenever the list runs out of plugins.


To see if a plugin is loaded:

/if (${Plugin[MQ2MoveUtils].IsLoaded}) {
    /echo MQ2MoveUtils plugin is loaded!
if mq.TLO.Plugin('MQ2MoveUtils').IsLoaded() then
    print('MQ2MoveUtils plugin is loaded!')

To load a plugin if needed:

/if (!${Plugin[MQ2MoveUtils].IsLoaded}) {
    /plugin MQ2MoveUtils noauto
    /if (!${Plugin[MQ2MoveUtils].IsLoaded}) {
        /echo To Use this macro you need to have MQ2MoveUtils Loaded