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Contains all the data about your fellowship


Type Member Description
bool Campfire TRUE if campfire is up, FALSE if not
ticks CampfireDuration Time left on current campfire
float CampfireX Campfire X location
float CampfireY Campfire Y location
float CampfireZ Campfire Z location
zone CampfireZone Zone information for the zone that contains your campfire
bool Exists Returns TRUE if a fellowship exists.
int ID Fellowship ID
string Leader Fellowship leader's name
fellowshipmember Member[ name|# ] Member data by name or #
int Members Number of members in the fellowship
string MotD Fellowship Message of the Day
bool Sharing[ N ] Returns TRUE if exp sharing is enabled for the Nth member
string To String TRUE if currently in a fellowship, FALSE if not


  • May 13, 2022: Added Exists
  • December 3rd, 2020: Added Sharing