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MQ2Feedme, by s0rCieR, is a plugin which will eat/drink items that you specify, in order to keep your hunger/thirst above a certain level \(and thus not eat your stat food\).

  • It can be found here. **An updated version of the plugin,

with a few changes, can be found in this post by



  • /autodrink

Force manual drinking

  • /autodrink 0

Turn off autodrinking

  • /autodrink #

Set thirst level. When ${Me.Thirst} is below this, the plugin will drink for you

  • /autofeed

Force manual feeding

  • /autofeed 0

Turn off autofeeding

  • /autofeed #

Set hunger level, below which the plugin will automatically eat for you

INI File

This plugin stores its information in the file MQ2FeedMe.ini. This INI file contains a list of all the food/drink that should be consumed \(see the sample INI in the first page of the plugin post\).