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Contains data on the current raid


float AverageLevel

Average level of raid members (more accurate than in the window)

bool Invited

Have I been invited to the raid?

raidmember Leader

Raid leader

bool Locked

Returns TRUE if the raid is locked

string Looter[#]

Specified looter name by number

int Looters

Number of specified looters

int LootType

Loot type number:

  • 1 = Leader
  • 2 = Leader & GroupLeader
  • 3 = Leader & Assignments

raidmember MainAssist

Raid main assist

raidmember MasterLooter

Raid Master Looter

raidmember Member[N]

Raid member by number N

raidmember Member[name]

Raid member by name.

int Members

Total number of raid members

raidmember Target

Raid target (clicked in raid window)

int TotalLevels

Sum of all raid member's levels

| string | (To String) | None