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time Type

Represents a unit of clock time.


string Date

Date in the format MM/DD/YYYY

int Day

Day of the month

int DayOfWeek

Day of the week (1=sunday to 7=saturday)

int Hour

Hour (0-23)

int Hour12

Hour (0-11)

int Minute

Minute (0-59)

int Month

Month of the year (1-12)

bool Night

Gives true if the current hour is considered "night" in EQ (7:00pm-6:59am)

int Second

Second (0-59)

int SecondsSinceMidnight

Number of seconds since midnight

string Time12

Time in 12-hour format (HH:MM:SS)

string Time24

Time in 24-hour format (HH:MM:SS)

int Year


string (To String)

Same as Time24